Jeff Glancy

Chemical Engineer, with hobbies in EE, ME, CS; Maker, Geek, and Nerd.

I have had a passion for learning about how things work from a very young age. I took apart my Fisher-Price Tape Recorder at five years old and, more importantly, put it back together correctly. To this day I work on my vehicles and have never taken one to a mechanic. My wife truly believes that "Jeff can fix anything".

My graduation cap
PCB snowflake necklace

PCB Design / Jewelry

I love tinkering with electronics. I built a Tesla Coil at 10 years old, and was repairing electronics by the time I was a teen. I have been designing PCB's with SMD components for my own projects since 2014. My line of jewelry started as a personal challenge. It is a constant struggle to combine long battery life, eye-catching animations, functional size and minimal budget into an aesthetic piece of art.

3D Printing / Design

I have 20 years of experience drafting in both 2D and 3D. I bought my first Geeetech i3 Prusa printer in 2016 and always enjoy finding something new to fix. I started selling some of my own 3D printed designs in 2018 on Tindie. They now include a host of essential oil organizers/racks/carriers. Some other designs include a makeup palette rack and cotton round holders. I now sell my products on Etsy. I will gladly modify any of my current designs to suit your needs, as well as other custom 3D cad and 3D printed work.

Essenttial oil bottle carriers